Charts 23/12/00



Jason Skeet: old and older school(s) chart from someone who should know better...

1. Only the strong - Bizzy B - Brain Records

2. The Rufman - Mickey Finn - 10" white label

3. Johnny Jungle - Noise of Art & Double D Remix - Suburban Base

4. Jungle Fever - Potential Bad Boy - Ibiza Records

5. Oh La La Jungle - ? - Zulu Records promo

6. Come Back To Me - Bizzy B and Cool Hand Flex - Underground Records

7. Sensuory Distortion - Da Dread - Boom Tunes promo.

8. Flex and Relax - Missing - 3rd Party

9. Joker Records No.5

10. Third Eye white label (the one with the "everyone's talking this gangster shit" sample)

Notes: So-called 'old-school' jungle is getting something of a revival at the moment - check out Aphex Twin dropping the mid-nineties tunes at recent Rephlex parties. But handle this with care...nostalgia, as they say, is a language of lack...what is interesting about these records is the willingness that they had to experiment - they were made at a time when people were still learning about what was possible with the technolgies and the music. So use these records as starting points for new explorations (sample up the beats, speed them up and fuck them up, mix them up with ragga, dub, name it...start a record label and create some new new schools...)


John Eden festive top eleven

  1. Fending off illness with more things that will make you ill.
  2. Colourbox - Say You
  3. Lee Perry - Super Ape
  4. How the fuck are we going to roast these chestnuts on an open fire, then, eh?
  5. Forgetting.
  6. Marc and the Mambas - Torment and Toreros
  7. Stella.
  8. Beta Band - 3 EPs.
  9. Sore Throat.
  10. Temperature.
  11. Bed.