NEWS 23/05/01

Bit of a skimpy update this month - but then summer is time to get skimpy, turn off the computer and get outside, isn't it?





We've unearthed a classic Lee Perry interview from the 1980s. This is from before Scratch only gave "outerviews" and is refreshingly lucid.

We've also got some more spacey record label scans to go on the dub index page, courtesy of - lovely antipodean reggae activists.



We've given the industrial and experimental music pages a much needed going over (they were orginally done about 5 years ago, with all the code typed into a word processor!). As part of this we've also added some recommended external articles and links.



We are pleased to present some Charts from Nigel Ayers, Jim Bakhaus and Shabnam

And we have some Reviews of a couple of CDs we have been sent.

Our mp3 of the month is from The Quiet Club





earthly delights has moved to The site now also features Nocturnal Emissions mp3s, videos, photos and Trading Cards! More updates are promised soon. You can also join the Nocturnal Emissions mailing list at:



"Please protest to Texas Tech University Press for describing Stewart Home who is one of six writers discussed in their book Comedy After Postmodernism by Kirby Olson as a "notoriously violent punk author".

This phrase is featured on their press release for the book and when I last looked was still being used to promote it on their website - these people need to be told that Stewart Home is actually a notoriously reclusive avant-garde pornographer who can only be lured away from his beloved bread dolls by well stacked twenty to forty something wimmin who offer to pee in his mouth and let him come in theirs (it also helps if they are lactating since he enjoys being squirted with breast milk).

Despite the breast milk fetish, it should be stressed that Stewart is actually very responsible and on the rare occasions he has penetrative sex he insists that it be anal, so that there is no danger of his partner becoming pregnant. Please email Texas Tech University Press to lodge a protest, their address is ttup@ttu.ed - get to it!!!"

They are also offering "plenty of freshly uploaded texts at the SHS website":



The FOPI site has been updated and now includes "close to 300 new pics including a complete digital version of the supreme Nanavesh magazine #5 from 1983 that features 106 pages of PTV, 8 pages from the Record Collector magazine 1986 that focusses on early industrial records releases, 28 pics of ptv flyers and tour posters, lots of pics from PTV's ITC show 1994 and the final gig at Royal Festival Hall 1999. Also some better cover pics and additional information have been added to the comprehensive PTV discography, that should be more comprehensive than ever now. The update also brings along some more documentation of various live appearances by Thee Majesty."


Relocating the Sacred

Punkcast 56 is a video recording of events featuring 'Genesis P-Orridge' & 'Thee Majesty', during the 'Relocating the Sacred' conference in Preston, UK, on the 28th April 2001.

The web pages at contain FREE streams and downloads from the concert, soundcheck, discussion and lecture by Gen.

The full days capture of over 3 hours is available on CD for 5 This is generally an experiment in the demand for a more imminent and accessible form of distribution. One that can exist as a form of 'user promotion' and can be made available in days, rather than the months it takes through retail distribution.



The use of the name of the London Psychogeographical Association has kicked off again with the torch being passed to (or snatched by?) a new generation.

"the rumour we circulated about our disbanding is, like all our activities, a means to test the effects of construction and memory (architecture) on the mood and behavior of individuals (ourselves and those around us) . the LPA has not disbanded. it is logical that as the lpa didn1t exist in the first place, it cannot cease to exist. The LPA is a non-existant organisation called on to give credibility to a group of European artists called the Situationist International. As such it is a literary device and should be treated as such."



Abisti is a cool web zine - some great interviews with Crass' Penny Rimbaud and Attack Press' Steven Wells, as well as discussion boards, pub reviews, football and some rather good writing about music and all that.

Slipspeed is an umbrella site for UK Punk stuff - some archives of fanzines like Crisis Point and the late great UK Resist (a UK version of Maximum Rock 'n' Roll?) as well as more up to date news, etc.

And the continuing academisation of all thing counter cultural continues with yet another conference for which 'papers' are sought, this time on the legacy of punk. The venue is Wolverhampton University.

Tempting to make something up for this, but I don't have the time - please feel free to have a go yourself: send us ludicrous titles and we will do a top 5 next time!

For example: "Rhizomic Plurality: So Fucking What? - the lyrics of the Anti-Nowhere League reconsidered as intertextual Deleuzian reification"


EMMAZ AT THE RIO - Sat June 9th 11.15pm

We covered EMMAZ in a previous news section - Emmaz is the name of a proposed London Social Centre for anarcho/lefty types. ( They are organising a benefit night at the Rio Cinema in Dalston. The films they will be showing are Boys Don't Cry and Poof.

"In a single, short life Brandon Teena was at once a dashing lover and a trapped outsider, both an impoverished nobody and a flamboyant dreamer, a daring thief and the tragic victim of an unjust crime. "Boys Don't Cry" explores the contradictions of American youth and identity through the true life and death of Brandon Teena. What emerges from a dust-cloud of mayhem, desire and murder is the story of a young American drifter searching for love, a sense of self and a place to call home."

"Set in the pressure cooker of a commuter train, Poof is a tense dark comedy about bigotry. It was based on a transcription of a train journey from Kings Cross Thameslink to Haywards Heath on a Friday afternoon in February 1998. Jes Benstock got on the train intending to write a script and instead found himself part of one. After telling his account of the journey to several friends he set about writing a transcription of the conversation from memory. This was the raw material for the first draft of Poof. The shooting script (draft 14) was completed with Graeme Kennedy in July 1999."

5 / 4.50 Emmaz members. Starts at 11:15 pm.

The Rio Cinema is at 107 Kingsland High Street, London E8, just up from Dalston Kingsland BR. 020 7241 9410



>26th May - Kosmische - upstairs at the garage 9-3 am - 5. National Bandit >play live (cercle records - motorik rock'n roll drivetime electronix from
>the home of british cutlery), Bison also play live, and Jim, Leon and the >legendary Robert Hampson 'man' the 'decks'.
>31st May - kosmische special: ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE AND THE MELTING PARAISO U.F.O. - upstairs at the Garage 7. 7.30 till late.
>Motor-psycho-electro-ecstatic-underground freak-out unit from Japan. Full >solar-psychedelic meltdown. With support from post-rockers Southall Riot. A surprise special guest will be on the decks, too.
>26th May - is also Lo Recordings night, from 8-1am at the 291 gallery in >Hackney. it's about 6 or 7. They Came From The Stars I Saw Them, Cursor >Minor, Hairy Butter and some other folks.



How REAL(*) is art today ? General inquiry about the understanding of today's art. If you would like to participate in this art-project, please choose your answer. by frichter (4d-screen)

(*) How real, imaginative or thinkable are artworks today ?

2001 Anarchist Bookfair: 20th October, Camden Centre, Euston Road, London WC1. (flyer includes an astronaut putting an anarchist flag on the moon - bleurgh!)




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