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Ah well, one month in and we're already a day late on the news front because of a weekend of excess. I guess I'd better lay my cards on the table and declare the 23rd a point in time and space that refers to when the site gets updated rather than a fixed notion of 'date'. I always seem to get Schnews and NTK 'late', so I don't see why I should come over all punctual on yer asses.

News stuff on the site this month includes our first mp3 of the month, an attempt to clear our backlog of reviews, a new staff writer in Loki, who is continuing his/her fine tradition of annoying reviews that began with some outrageous slurs on the drum 'n' bass scene at, and some other bits and bobs that are below.

It's been quite a good month, really. I went to speak about AAA Media Invasion strategies as part of the Hull leg of the tech_nicks event. It was a 5 hour workshop, which was a bit daunting but it turned into a really good discussion of what the media is about, what tactics people had thought of and so on. Also present were the rather marvelous rtmark crew, who provided some good input and introduced us to a new project they are involved with that relates to the unification of europe and propaganda aimed at kids. Watch their site for more info. tech_nicks was heavily slanted towards 'art' and this started my thinking again about why I don't call myself an 'artist'.

The journalistic interest in all things hoaxy and Luther Blissett related seems to be kicking off big style.

And all this:




World-Information.Org explores new technologies, future communication environments and their implications.

World-Information.Org is a trans-national cultural intelligence provider: a collaborative effort of cultural workers, artists, scientists and technicians.

From June 30th to July 30th 2000 World-Information.Org will launch its first public presentation as the leading new media project of the co-producer Brussels 2000, European city of culture for the year 2000. The Centre Brussels 2000 in the heart of Brussels, serving as the organisation's temporary headquarters, will host exhibitions, meetings, conferences and public events on two floors.

The World-Infostructure Exhibition displays the global maps of the infosphere, showing the world-wide distribution of information-haves and -have-nots, identifying the communication market's main players and their strategies. The C4U-Exhibition (Command Control Computer Communication Unit) provides hands-on-experience of biometric and digital surveillance and control technologies including iris scan, voice and face recognition. In the framework of the Future Heritage Expo, World-Information.Org presents Future Heritage with site-specific multimedia installations, mirroring digital artistic practice.

Leading international Artists such as Ingo Günther (GER/US), Marko Peljhan (SLO), Critical Art Ensemble (US), RTMark (US) and Mongrel (UK) have been invited to present their works.

In the World-Information.Org-Building and in the Brussels Opera-house, World-Information.Org hosts a variety of international expert meetings, conferences, public events and presentations. Artists, experts, intelligence agents, scientists and politicians, among them e.g. Cees J. Hamelink (NL, renowned author of various UNESCO reports on communication, University of Amsterdam), Steve Wright (UK, Control Technologies Omega Foundation), Simon Davies (UK, take part in gatherings such as World-InfoCon.

By temporarily turning the Centre Brussels 2000 into a vibrant culture and media space, World-Information.Org will provide the centrepiece of the new-media program of Brussels 2000.

The Institute for New Culture Technologies / Public Netbase, Vienna, is the carrier of World-Information.Org.

The site includes internet radio and downloads (including an Ambush Records exclusive). There is also a rather good paper-based programme/newsletter, but I don't know how you get hold of them.


Review of World by Ewen Chardronnet of AAA Rosko - a sectarian document in which the finality of the Five Year Plan is disputed, and some future projects outlined.

Review by Critical Art Ensemble



As predicted, it's all going right off with all kinds of ruptures, schisms and denouncements left right and centre. See the AAA Rosko report above for a toned-down taster.

New AAA Rosko site: - includes details of the Guyana 2001 project in which autonomous astronauts will head off into their jungle, launch site, make a film and who knows what else?

New AAA "333" Bologna site: now up!



Controversy in the reggae community as legendary producer Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd has attempted to put a stop order on some songs being pressed at Dynamic Sounds that utilise his vintage Studio One rhythms. This is an unfortunate move for those of us who regard copyright as a bit of liability - and for people who have enjoyed the very fact that so much great reggae arises from "re-versioning" existing rhythms for dub or DJ mixes. Indeed, modern remix culture owes its existence to this sort of innovation. The Jamaica Gleaner was unable to get a quote out of Dodd, but "a spokesman for his company said he had not given any permission for the use of the rhythms in the production and that he would be stepping up his efforts to have the matter of the plagiarising of his music controlled on a permanent basis."

Reggae fans have reacted with a certain amount of surprise to the news, noting that much of Coxsone's early ska instrumentals were re-titled show tunes, movie themes, jazz standards and calypsos. One wag also commented that the famous reggae slogan "Version like rain" should be retitled "version like a leaky faucet".


REAL CORRESPONDENCE a mail art bulletin edited very irregularly by Vittore Baroni for Near The Edge Editions, via C. Battisti 339, 55049 Viareggio, Italy.
It is distributed free by snail-mail since 1980 and also in e-mail version since 1998 - available from <>



Churchill, the Cenotaph and May Day 2000: A response to the graffiting of official monuments in London on May Day 2000 looking at the origins of war memorials in the social conflicts at the end of World War One and at the myth of the Second World War as an anti-fascist crusade. It includes material on the politics of monuments, revolutionary opposition to the Second World War and the British empire, and comments on the implications of these for contemporary anti-capitalist movements.

Also: A short history of radical puppetry, a history of riots in London's Hyde Park, reclaim the streets, and a whole lot more.



"My news is that I've drastically updated my web-sites. Most importantly, I've put a new version of my book "A Mere Outline.." on-line & it has reports about the most recent 99 'performances' I've presented in the last 5 years. This includes descriptions of 21 actions perpetrated in Australia.
The URL: <>."



Andrew Schlanders is a London-based specialist in collectable counter-cultural artifacts. The new catalogue deals with Hippies, Diggers, Acid Fascism, Psychedelics, Hells Angels, Sixties London and the Underground Press. Prices from a tenner to hundreds of pounds. Other catalogues have dealt with Situationism, Black Panthers, etc. Worth a look:



The Family of Psychic Individuals site has been updated to include some interviews with ex-PTV members Fred Gianelli and Mathew Best. Quite an interesting look at two of the people who were very much in the background. Plus you won't believe MB's day job!


VOLCANO FESTIVAL: 12th August, Hackney Marshes, midday-8:30pm

Loads of bands and soundsystems with all styles from asian underground to punk, Brazillian to breakbeat, turkish music to trance. Plus cabaret, kids area etc. "Subject to Licence" so maybe check more up to date listings before making a journey. Click here for a flyer.

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