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Babylon was featured on BBC Radio 4’s flagship “Today Programme” this morning. Franco Rosso and Trevor Laird were interviewed and there were a good few snippets from the film including “Shaka gonna beat you Beefy – Shaka RULE!” which was pretty mad to hear while I was still in my dressing gown.

Also interviewed was Dr William “Lez” Henry (aka Lez Lyrix).

The subjects covered were quite uncompromising with Laird and Rosso speaking about police violence and the sus laws whilst Dr Henry dealt with the National Front and the fact that black youth today are mostly fighting with other black youth rather than being the victims of racist violence.

You can listen to an mp3 here:

Thanks again to Dave Home!

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  2. I can’t seem to find your email address, so sorry about just leaving a comment.

    The track ‘Hitman’ by Marvelous Cain on IQ records samples a loop of the dub sirens from the Shaka bit at the end of the film. I’m not sure as I’ve not yet managed to get hold of the DVD and watch the film (I’ve seen clips including the soundsystem scene from the end) but I suspect that the speech, “play their bloody jungle music all night” is also from Babylon.

    Also, ‘La Bamba’ by Urban Distress on Ibiza records samples the ‘yes man, you we ah deal wid’ speech before Aswad’s ‘Warrior Charge’ kicks in plus bits of the toasting over the top of ‘Warrior Charge’.

    If you know where the version of Warrior Charge with that speech at the beginning and the acapella at the end comes from (besides ‘Classic Reggae Mastercuts’ compilation) please let me know by email.

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