1 thought on “3AM: Saturday Night at the Movies

  1. This is a great share of Intergrity British films and the people will remember and offer. This more than a’i guess this is not such a bad film and a soundtrack along with it!. Think about it folks. We were made here , live here, bred here and breathe here and I remember the film from Jamaica , countryman,as a Rastas insists us “that you don’t need a test to prove how smart you really are. ” Just do you ! I didn’t see babylon until last summer and I was surprise that brinsely had in it. By my surprise,this is shows that Jim Crow lives in the light dark days but we must keep fighting and believing that there is a real space for some of us to live within through unity. I remember the new cross 13 article in1981 on jet magazine the in the u.s. And I’m still supporting black British filmmaking and the people but I’m from New York with a Jamaican daddy: thank god for Brittania, Europe, Latin America,Afro Asia and all races in between. God bless you everyday!

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