Babylon showing at Goldsmiths

Sociology & Music Film Club: Babylon (1981)

Location LG01, Professor Stuart Hall Building

Hosted in collaboration with the Centre for Caribbean and Diaspora Studies

Powerful portrayal of life for West Indian youths in London in the early 1980s. DJ for Brixton reggae sound system ‘Ital Lion Sound’, Blue (Brinsley Forde) is getting ready for the local sound system showdown with rival crew, Jah Shaka. But as the day of the competition approaches, Blue suddenly sees his life falling apart.

After losing his job, he’s beaten up by the police on a trumped-up charge, and then discovers that all of his sound equipment has been destroyed by local white residents, hostile to his music. Tired of having to deal with the constant daily pressures of racial-hatred and intolerance, Blue finally decides to take matters into his own hands, and strikes out at his oppressors.

No need to book, just turn up on the day. All welcome!

Dates & times

Date Time
14 Mar 2016 5:30pm – 8:00pm


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1 thought on “Babylon showing at Goldsmiths

  1. Babylon shows the way how depth sociability makes life difficult while hatred getting your last nerve so fast, you couldn’t make a last charge of posioning a puppy . It’s the story of everyone’s lives young old fat thin light skinned, Dark skinned for the flesh of jealousy and hidden excuses combine. When I se the film at my public library last year, I seen the common threats from a racist woman about Rastafarians message to music beef gets highly upset, jah made an annoyed fight against ital lion when blue opens to make peace to one another . Now i been through life’s deserted pissed offs and to make sure I had to use a mouth piece just to prepare for the devils to stop spread evilness across the world but I get the catch of feeling whatever need to be cotjwnskikÿunted as turn a new slu on the corrupt police system just a blue got arrested by the cops he got harrased. I guess one thing people are revving the right to be codify. Me, I digress whatever corner “we got trapped on”we must progress our children sbout the worries if our skin color to become a curse. There is a babylon today who was into hip hop agenda and whatever cture ever cover. The film speaks for itself about born the birth of the sound system culture directly from Jamaica’s mother conception of making music from scratch and create the real truth of mastering of the real deal. I suggest on whatever character from the picture may remains the people we grew up liking and hating today. That’s a fact how we can marinate the between the Times and life of every brother and sister who grew up in the caste clays of Thailand Cuba Harlem Charlotte Atlanta Houston Montana and Venice need to escape the unpopular entrapment a from the Berlin grand wizards and kkkk’s political right hand men. Let’s make makings work for our children ad with the older crowd shrieking for justice if we allow it to happen. I’m skyrocket to my goal and be free. Thanks Babylon we are the babies of a new sound called life and composing. We may compose a story of us but anyone can reach and read it whatever it’s possible .

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