Dennis Bovell in conversation with Les Back about the Babylon OST

Dennis used his regular “Dub On Air” show on Soho Radio to pay tribute to Franco Rosso earlier this year. Academic and former south London soundsystem devotee Professor Les Back dropped by to interview the esteemed Mr Bovell about the making of Babylon and especially how the soundtrack came together.

There are a tonne of killer tunes and many enlightening and amusing anecdotes along the way. Two hours of your life well spent, check it out:

I’m sorry to say that I missed this when it originally went out, but was pleased to see Les post about it on twitter while mentioning that Dennis is about to be awarded an honorary Fellowship by Goldsmiths University.

Today Programme

Babylon was featured on BBC Radio 4’s flagship “Today Programme” this morning. Franco Rosso and Trevor Laird were interviewed and there were a good few snippets from the film including “Shaka gonna beat you Beefy – Shaka RULE!” which was pretty mad to hear while I was still in my dressing gown.

Also interviewed was Dr William “Lez” Henry (aka Lez Lyrix).

The subjects covered were quite uncompromising with Laird and Rosso speaking about police violence and the sus laws whilst Dr Henry dealt with the National Front and the fact that black youth today are mostly fighting with other black youth rather than being the victims of racist violence.

You can listen to an mp3 here:

Thanks again to Dave Home!

Franco Rosso speaks!

Franco was interviewed last week by Robert Elms for his BBC London radio show. Here it is:

Thanks to Dave Home for ripping the mp3.