Mangrove Nine Film | Produced by Franco Rosso & John La Rose

Mangrove Nine tells the story of conflict between the police and the black community in Notting Hill at the start of the 1970s.

The central incident of the Mangrove affair took place when a deputation of 150 black people protested against long-term police harassment of the popular Mangrove Restaurant in Ladbroke Grove. The protest – policed by 500 police and a plain clothes police photographer – later led to nine arrests and 29 charges.

Mangrove Nine Film | Produced by Franco Rosso & John La Rose.

I have this film on VHS somewhere – definitely recommended if you like Babylon and want to see more on London/Black history from the same Director!

Cult classic ‘Babylon’ deals pure wickedness


Babylon represents the first time in UK cinema where British reggae culture and Rastafarianism were explored in a non-documentary. Director Rosso was raised in South London himself and knew exactly where to find visually arresting backdrops of urban decay in Brixton and Deptford.”

Dangerous Minds | Reggae Britannia: Cult classic ‘Babylon’ deals pure wickedness.