I’ve just realised I’m not wearing a belt

Waking up is always a bit unpredictable because me daughter runs tings in our house, and that usually means any time between 6:00am and half past seven. So this morning she throws a spanner in the works by waking up at about quarter past eight. Bit of a rush to leave the house, but I still manage to haul out the walkman and today’s selection is:


Warrior King – “Virtuous Woman” (2002). Which came out to rave reviews last year, but only reached Hackney libraries recently. It is wicked modern roots – and is more focussed on songs and tunes than the frenzied ranting of yr Sizzlas or Capletons. In fact there are some brilliant tracks on here, like the opening “Power to Chant” which is meaty sound system stuff, and the singles “Education” (on the Storm riddim, which I also have a wicked Buju/Gregory combination on) and “Never Go Where Pagans Go”, both of which are absolute top heavyweight selections in their own right.

It’s pretty positive stuff lyrically (no calling “fire” on everything that moves here) although my personal philosophy obviously differs quite a bit – being a habitual goer of places where pagans go and all that.

Some serious clangers on “Africa Must Be Free”, which moves on from the call to a return to Africa to saying that Europeans should basically stay in Europe and that Palestine is “for the jews”. Ulp.

There are a few weaker tracks which didn’t appeal to me that much on first listen, including a so-so cover of “What’s Going On”. Certainly well worth a loan from the library though – the heights are a must and Warrior King is one I will continue to check.