I’ve avoided linking to Simon Reynolds’ excellent blissblog. To do that would break one of the ancient uncarved policies, which is “thou shalt not link to places that every other site links to”.

That said, it is well worth checking out. Simon’s paid journalism is always riddled with interesting tangents, ruminations and musings – and the blog is kind of an uber “now that’s what I call tangents” running commentary, which is obviously the whole point.

(Plus it’s interesting to see someone who is a paid journo doing a blog, instead someone who is patently and rather leadenly doing a blog to become one…)

Oh yeah, and he responds to his emails and comes across as an alright sort of bloke (not that I agree with him all the time or anything!)

So anyway, he’s only gone and launched a pre-emptive strike by linking here and to Paul Meme’s (criminally under-resourced) blog.

Which takes us onto another unwritten (until now) uncarved dictum, which is “Verily, if they are cool, and they put people your way, then honour must be restored.”

Mind you, it’s not like his link here actually works, or anything!