today I started slogging again

Well, if you thought about going to the UK-Dance party and you missed it, you qualify as a primo SUCKA in my book. Wall to wall quality, mate.

A few hiccups with the sound in the main room meant that me and Paul did our set kind of late and frenzied. We also managed to balls up the mixer so that we couldn’t hear owt in the headphones from the left deck, which meant that my patented “oh just stuff the needle somewhere near the beginning of the record and then whizz the bastard crossfader across” dj-ing technique came in handy.

Some of the stuff we played:

A King Tubby dub track to kick off with that I have forgotten the name of.
Johnny Clarke – Too Much War On the Land
Abyssinians – Declaration of Rights
Frankie Paul – Tu Shung Peng
Some more quality early 80s dancehall from Paul Meme
Pinchers – Bandalero
Reggie Stepper – Drum Pan Sound
Beenie Man & Barrington Levy – Murderer
Jah Screechy – Walk and Skank
Smiley Culture – Police Officer

The rest of the DJs were universally wicked and we made it to 5am with the help of just a few beers and the odd smoke – it was THAT good.

(As an aside, I was slightly embarassed to find that whoever does the listings in the Evening Standard and the Guardian had chosen to list me and Paul rather than some of the other DJs who are much more well known, and, uh, accomplished than us…)

Also really amazing to see that the all those online acquaintances turned out to be fantasticly well-rounded and warm people in real life.

Sunday was interesting, to say the least, but respect to the better half and daughter for understanding.

I now have to deal with the tell-tale ache in my calves which indicates that I have danced like a nutter.