war dementia!

So Blair doesn’t give a stuff what we think about the war: “history will be my judge”, he bleats. Well that’s just great, cheers. Whilst scrabbling around for a positive side to this pretty terrifying turn of events, I came up with:

a) Clearly Tony is feeling the push – and this just makes him look completely barking mad.

b) Everyone who whined on at me for not voting at the last general election (“But we’ve got to get the tories out! It will be YOUR fault if they get in again!” blah blah blah) has gone Pretty Fucking Quiet these days.

I’ve had a few discussions with people over the last few months about the motivation behind the war – like, is it all about oil/the economy/distracting people from trouble at home, etc. And generally we’ve agreed that it isn’t “all about” one particular thing, but I reckon people have underestimated (or as Bush would say “misunderestimated”) Tony’s desire to be a PLAYA. He wants to play the big boy’s games and he reckons that this war will get him on the team, and down in history.

(Incidentally, we had a rambling drunken conversation the other week about how “bling” Saddam is with all those palaces and uniforms, and how you could fit Bush and Blair into that gangsta equation. Blair is obviously a “playa hater”, but we had some trouble with Bush. It was one of those nights).

Anyway. The (ma)lingering liberal in me poses the question: how do you reason with someone like that? And the answer comes back: “you what?”. Blair just isn’t playing the rational discussion game these days. Why would that be? What will happen next? Well, how about we all try using the phrase “history will be my judge” when we are in the middle of heated discussions over the next few weeks, and see how it helps?