mixing finga

Phew! Not only has Paul started blogging again, he has also commented at length on the entry below. [see Paul’s entry at 6:53AM – how come I can’t link to specific entries at blogspot.com?]

It is all good stuff, with some handy suggestions at resolving my, uh, “issues” (not all of them, obviously, though to be fair to him, Paul has a long and mostly unrewarded track record of doing that as well).

Certainly the ragga mix CD will be in stages, not least because some of it is nicked off CDs I got out of the library. Unfortunately I lack a way of bunging audio files together on my computer in any sensible fashion. The freebie pro-tools is undoubtedly the one, but I ain’t even got enough RAM to run it.

Soundedit is great for recording but its crossfade function is pish. So I use it in the same way that one used to use a razor blade with cassette tape… hardcore.

The other problem with doing mixes in stages is that the daughter is normally asleep in the next room, so there’s a limit to the amount of bass and jumping around that is possible. Plus I do like the ritualistic aspect of getting all the stuff together and DOING IT, IN ONE GO. All or nothing, me…

And I have a resistance to complicating stuff, really.