shards, fragments and contradictions

Paul Meme on me:

“As to wanting to do your mixes all in one — your pathetic insistence on authenticity in your production of cultural artefacts is obviously a deeply conservative position which only serves to reinforce cultural hegemony.”

Paul on The Bug:

“Mostly I like it cos it’s a proper ragga album […] Really good record. An unexpectedly traditional record too — proper craft. ”

So I guess the message is that desiring a certain level of skill in your mixes is a bad thing, whereas if you are involved with the production of musical commodities such as albums, it’s to be praised. Heh heh.

No biggie, particularly as Paul doesn’t actually mean any of it in any case. He is of course right to the extent that what matters is the sound and not how it got there, but ultimately mixing is something I would like to be better at just because I enjoy it so much.