oodles of doodles

The cartoons below are taken from More Politics Please by Paul Petard (Whinger Press, 2003). 50p (bargain!) from Housmans Books at the south end of Caledonian Road in London, or from 22 Rangewood Ave RG30 3NN (include SAE). Or ppetard hotmail com

Heavy Theory - Paul Petard

Whinger have also recently published Communism, Liberty and Freedom – some brief notes towards a libertarian communist critique of marxism (yes it’s boring) (and yes, that is the full title!). Which is quite a good look at the covert utopianism of Marx and asks all the right questions of those who have faith in the inevitability of revolution, etc.

Paul’s cartoons have spiced up many a heavy text and obviously manage to communicate the political in a different way from words…