Just had a week off.

Doing up the living room, which meant packing up the stereo and all the records and piling everything up in the room with the computer in it. Quite nice to get rid of everything for a week and listen to a tinny transistor radio whilst inhaling paint fumes, I can tell you.

I can now categorically state that I like the following quite a lot (in descending order of credibility):

Blu Cantrell feat. Sean Paul – Breathe
Beyonce feat Sean Paul – Baby Boy
50 Cent – P.I.M.P.
Jamelia – Superstar
Sugarbabes – Hole in the Head
Kylie – Slow
Rachel Stevens – Sweet Dreams my LA Ex
Emma Bunton – Maybe

‘Maybe’ I like mainly because it reminds me of St Etienne, it has to be said. As for the rest, it’s entirely possible I’d be sick of them after hearing them a hundred times a day but as I hardly ever listen to radio these days and don’t have cable telly, this is unlikely. Poptastic!