my apology

I’ve been really bad at answering emails recently, sorry about that. I will get round to it.

Two main reasons – the better half has been on some serious work deadlines and has been mashing up the computer time to meet them. We gots to put bread on the table, ya hear me?

Plus I went out drinking 3 nights in a row and then got some trippy fluey cold thing. Then I had to go out for a 4th night and it didn’t really do me much good. Some uber cool place in Clerkenwell (I’m sure you lot do this all the time, no?) with fishtanks and lots of leather fixtures. A 40th birthday bash. (How to scare your mates who are bit younger than you and sensitive about not being in their twenties, heheh!).

Anyway the coldy/temperature/throaty thing wasn’t helping me be very sociable so I sat in a corner and smiled at people weakly and looked at the fish a lot, sort of hoping that they wouldn’t begin speaking to me like one of Tony’s freak outs in the Sopranos. And sort of hoping that they would, obviously.

Then a woman in a bowler hat turned up and started ramming large pairs of scissors down her throat and shouting at everyone.

I shit you not, dear reader. Turns out she is Europe’s only female sword swallower, which normally I would be well up for, but this was not exactly helping my recovery on that particular night. At all.

Fair’s fair – she was utterly fantastic, but I was a bit disturbed to discover afterwards that I had been unknowingly nominated as the sort of person who would willingly volunteer to participate in The Act if a more suitable victim could not be intimidated into doing it. Luckily for me I was waaaaaaaaaay out of everyone’s eyeline at the time the call went out for “help”.