2003 best of part four

Pointless, now, surely to produce the fanfared second part of k-punk’s end of the year round-up – only eight days into the year and all that stuff just seems so old.

He’s right of course, but I notice it doesn’t actually stop him doing it either 😉

Under the counter, guv

1. 2 x CDRs of early Greeensleeves 12″ courtesy Andy on the Blood & Fire Board

2. Paul Meme – Nervous Ragga mix and lots more

3. The Bug Vs Soundmurderer soundclash on John Peel

4. Hollow Earth – Gangsta Techno mix

5. Woebot – Brickwall mix

6. Woebot SS – Resonance FM show

7. Inglistan – Roots CDR

8. Dubversion – Riddim mix

9. Stuart Borthwick – Rasta mix

10. Herve’s mate’s roots mix


1. The Bug

2. Abashanti – Greg Mario Whitfield

3. Adrian Sherwood – Greg Mario Whitfield

4. Small Space Dynamics CTRL-ALT-DELETE

5. pirates, politics, parochialism

6. Nocturnal Emissions

7. Throbbing Gristle

8. Various ruminations on Whitehouse and industrial culture

9. Luther Blissett on contra-acting and consultancy

10. Nihilism

the rest

Shake The Foundations volume 2 mix/dj-ing at some brilliant parties including BOTH UK-Dance bashes and Riddim/Greg Mario Whitfield’s deep bass philosophy and evangelism/Sick and Twisted – Bong Ra, Aphasic, Sonic Belligeranza sets/Seeing Shaka again/Solution Sound @ Arcola Theatre in April/Dr Beck’s bastard bootleg mash ups at the ICA/The Bug and Aphex @ Neighbourhood/City of God/8 Mile/Dirty Pretty Things/Six Feet Under/Scratch/24/Hackney IWCA/everyone who kept me relatively sane for another year (you know who you are)/blogs/boards/pints/curries/me partner/our daughter