and the people I meet as I walk down the street say…

...hey! what's your name?

Excellent write up on the Dave Howard Singers over at Gutterbreakz. Nice! Interview, Mark Stewart trivia, thoroughness! Proper…

I saw the Dave Howard singers on a couple of occasions, I think, the best being a gig at the Town and Country club where they were bottom of the bill. Much madness ensued as Dave ran around the stage with his acetone on a wheelchair. He also dragged some unsuspecting guy out of the audience to do a keyboard solo. It was great and only just surpassed by the next two acts – The Sugarcubes (I think their second UK appearance) and SWANS (in full-on “Children of God” mode).

My specs got mashed up by people crawling over me to get to Michael Gira. He stuck his arse in the front rows’ faces and rolled around on a carpet. It was a great night!

I also have a live DHS track called “I am a bunny” on a comp called “You Bet We’ve Got Something Against You” which is about a rabbit answering the door to the Jehovah’s Witnesses while trying to do a stir-fry. Wicked.

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  1. dubversion
    now i’m having one of those shrinking world moments. not only did i pick up a copy of Yon Yonson in the weird little second hand shop in Camberwell recently, but i vaguely know the former King Kurt guitarist Paul, who gets a mention in the Dave Howard interview.. curious..
    2004/01/25 @ 02:11 pm

    You “vaguely” know everyone, you slaaaaaaaaaaag! 🙂
    2004/01/26 @ 10:03 am

    yeh, but strangely they all seem to deny knowing me…
    2004/01/28 @ 01:45 pm

    DAve Fountain
    Dave Howard Singers were not bottom of the bill, they were in the middle… The Sugarcubes came on first and they were pretty shit, as were the Swanns! Rock on!!
    2004/09/23 @ 02:20 pm

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