Babylon’s Burning


Crooklyn Dub Outernational: Certified Dope Vol. 4 is now out!

The first three volumes did my head in for most of the early part of 2003. Seriously moody and dark stuff – kind of claustrophobic in places but all the better for that in small doses (i.e don’t play it all back to back for a week like I did – messy). As I’ve probably pointed out before, one thing I like about reggae and dub is the interplay between tradition and futurism. CDO is up there with Burial Mix and The Bug in terms of people trying to push the envelope, IMO.

The label, Wordsound, is also a possible candidate for Matt’s “Un Ra” list, judging by the bit of their website titled The Other Side.

Looks like vol 4 is another must have if this review by my man Greg Whitfield is anything to go by.