hey! what’s your name?

I say: 'My Name?'

I got an email from Dave Howard. Mental!

He rightly points out that the T&C gig featured him 2nd on the bill and not 3rd. Which is interesting given the Sugarcubes later exposure etc. He also asked me about the Yon Yonson graphic below which I was singularly unhelpful about.

I originally googled for a copy of the Dave Howard Singers ‘Yon Yonson’ sleeve and found that image instead (alongside the above). A foray into the bowels of google reveals that, before Phil K Dick, Yon may have been an american folk hero for scando-european (?) immigrants. Possibly in silent films, rescuing distressed maidens from ever-nearing buzz saws (in the lumbermill, one has to assume).

But… it’s all a bit sketchy. Can anyone out there put Dave and me out of our misery and solve the cultural enigma of the moment? Are YOU a Yon Yonson expert tucked away in a film studies dept somewhere who right at this minute is preparing a dissertation on the subject? Does YOUR family hail from Wisconsin via Norway and have wacky in-jokes about our hero? If so, get in touch!