in da remainder shop

Went out looking for telephone cable at lunchtime and instead came back with a copy of:

Dessauce, Marc (1999) The Inflatable Moment: Pneumatics and Protest in ’68. New York, Princeton Architectural Press.

For a fiver (published at 20 quid! 150 pages! Jesus!)

Which, on first inspection, seems to be an account the much-overlooked link between the Situationists and blow-up furniture. I shit you not.

Actually it seems more to do with an architectural/design movement named “Utopie” heavily embedded in the political theory of the time (sits, Baudrillard, Archigram) and also touching on Buckminster Fuller, etc.

Pretty cool and the remainder shop on the corner of Waterloo Road and Lower Marsh still has 4 or 5 copies left in the “New Acquisitions” section. I daresay other places have it as well.