ngozi ngozi ngozi… gone

courtesy Gladdy Wax

Ngozi – roots riddim of the year so far. A sort of watery, medieval soundscape with lots of plucked strings and that bassline, pulling you down.

Inevitably this has been caned by Rodigan in the weeks before payday so that I’ve only been able to get hold of two of the cuts – the rest gone gone gone, please don’t let it be forever… records fall out of the ether on Sunday night and Monday morning… are they this great or is it just fatigue and futile resistance to sleep, the coming working week… tape rolling and some pointless adjustments to the aerial before bed… 5 more minutes…

Luciano – “World Peace” and Bushman “Jah Deliver Me” – both great vocals on timeless (or formulaic, depending on your cynicism) themes. Great stuff, but I’d kill for a copy of the Tony Curtis selection “crabs in a barrel” and maybe do some GBH for the others.