courtesy Danny - thanks mate!

Blacka T “Run Come Ya” (Rockers)

“But some deejay a mash up Jamaica
Dem a talk ’bout slackness
Dats outta order
Anything me chat a roots and culcha…”

Blacker T, self styled lyrics ambassador, lives up to his title chanting his verse in vigorous style over a suitably insistent digital rhythm. […] Pablo’s modern style is a long way from the brooding depths of his late seventies sides. And people who love that style hold that his nowadays stuff doesn’t compare. But then those same critics would probably find fault if he stayed the same. Give it ten years and its probable that tunes like this will be sought after almost as eagerly as say ‘Cassava Piece’ or ‘Pablo Armageddon’.

– review in Boom-Shacka-Lacka issue 3, Sumer 1989

15 years later, the prophecy is fulfilled! Maybe this isn’t at the top of the auction lists, but history has done it proud, not least because it sounds like a foundation Iration Steppas selection…