kids and music

Interesting to see Simon’s trials and tribulations exposing his son to music. The daughter been obssessing on the local kid’s disco since the last time we went.

“What do you like about the disco?”

“Errrrmmm… The lights, and the other children. And the chips.”

Further interrogations revealed that she also liked dancing, but wasn’t really that fussed about the music. Possibly because this is a steady diet of The Cheeky Girls, Mark K-Punk’s fave DJ Casper, and maybe a bit of Sean Paul if you are lucky.

Actually these tracks make a lot more sense in that environment, with the older kids doing all the moves to “Cha Cha Cha Slide” brilliantly and many of the Mums, half cut, doing the Macarena towards the end. Big up the Mums!

Anyway: The daughter’s current top 3:

1. Chris & Cosey – Driving Blind (Vapourspace Mix) off the “Twist” remix comp CD 1995.

Aka “The Lady Song” in our house, because the little one likes Cosey’s vocals and will echo the “with you” from “I’m never like this when I’m not with you”. This was a total chance re-discovery after much random rummaging through the CD rack. It’s actually well worth checking out if you like your deadpan electro pop. [ = Proud Dad!]

2. Marc Almond – Ruby Red, off the “Stained EP” 1986
This is a killer track from the much underrated Virgin years. Interesting instrumentation -marimbas etc and some class lyrics.

3. Grievous Angel Soundsystem – Watch This Sound 2004
Usually induces much jumping up and down accompanied by “whommmmm, whommmmmm” bassy noises. And sometimes the daughter joins in as well :-).