Big up Amblongus for top tenning Fad Gadget and Fox’s “S-s-single Bed” – the latter is a campy disco smasheroo that I bought on 7″ in the basement of Camden MVE on the basis that it was on the same label as my version of “I Feel Love”, which was picked up at a car boot sale in Leighton Buzzard.

I seem to have some unwritten rule which forbids me for paying more than 50p for camp disco-pop classics. Divine’s “You Think You’re a Man (But You’re Only a Boy)” was another one – 20p on 12″ in Barcelona.

Anyway S-s-single Bed is one of those tunes I have listened to occasionally without knowing any background since I bought it. I kept meaning to find out more or do a google or even read the label but preferred just to slap it on the deck now and then and enjoy it for what it is. The opening beats are sorta train-like and her voice is all “wrong”. It’s great!