nerd up!

Following on from the comments over at Woebot, I haven’t set up an RSS feed because:

a) I don’t really know how they work
b) I don’t know how to set one up
c) Dnyl at probably does know how to set one up in the blink of an eye, but has enough on his plate anyway
c) I’ve only ever heard of two people who use RSS readers, one of them being Matt and the other being Gyrus
d) I am not clear what the crack is with using an RSS reader in an office environment with IT Dept surveillance
e) There are other things I would like to do first

However, having said that, there already seems to be one [old link removed]
It would be cool if Gyrus and/or Matt could confirm whether or not it works. If it does I’ll stick a link up or something.

I thought Matt’s comments and templates for bloggers was great. I thought about doing a “here’s an HTML tag, here’s two others – now start a blog!” thing like Sniffing Glue did with punk, but it all got fairly automated soon after that. There seems to be no middle ground in the “hardcore coder” vs “just slap it up by any means necessary” webclash. I’m firmly in the latter category tho I have picked a few things up since I crawled onto the web back in 1996.