Bug’s Life

Razor Mix 02

The Bug Vs The Rootsman ft. He-Man: “Killer” (Soundmurderer & SK-1 ‘Badman Rewind’ Remix b/w Enduser Remix) Razor (mi)X 7″

Bring it on! Stupidly adrenalised tear-out reconstructions of the Bug’s anthemic “Killer” – available for a limited period from a dealer near you (but almost certainly on CD at some point as well, I would imagine).

Soundmurderer’s mix is what you would expect – extreme mashing up of amen breaks, timestretched vocals and the rest.

As usual I find this all a Bit Much, there’s no breathing space at all and so it ends up being claustrophobic, but not in funky “ordered to dance” sort of way. Having said that, things calm down for the last third of the track and there are some wicked bits where all the beats are echoing around.

Enduser I know nowt about, but they/he/she turn in a great tech-steppy version with a superb two note droning bassline and some nice crispy breaks as well. The vocals work really well with the darkness of the track, lifting it up. I must dig out those old Optical and Ed Rush twelves sometime soon… This is tailor made for your more discerning dancefloor and I’m sure it’s going to turn out to be something of an anthem at places like Sick & Twisted.

Wayne Lonesome - Run Tings

Wayne Lonesome: “Go Fuck Yu Self” (Raw Mix) b/w “Go F@$K Yu Self” (Radio Mix) Run Things 7″

Now this is a bit of a curio – looks like “the ubiquitous Wayne Lonesome” (copyright Dubversion over at Pounding System) grabbed his vocal from The Bug’s album and released it on his own label (he’s listed at Executive Producer…) in Kingston as a proper bashment cut.

Trouble is, it all sounds a bit easy listening compared to the “original” – I guess nobody can come close to that intensity. You can make the lyrics out much better now, and this should prove to be an essential addition to the armoury for your version excursion. Play this as an intro and then bring in The Bug!!!

Quite why anyone would want a “clean” version of a song called “Go Fuck Yu Self” is beyond me, but there it is on the flip. Yer usual reversed out bad words – it’s probably my sick mind but I reckon you still hear it as “fuck” anyway. There should be a top ten of sound effects used to disguise “foul language” in dancehall – maybe that’s a job for another day…