When the Two 8’s Clash – Appendix 1

Goody Goody

This came out in about 1993 and is based around a HUGE reworking of “Peter Gunn”. Which is obviously anthemic in so many ways – my Dad was/is a huge Duane Eddy fan and I think the only times we have bonded musically were when we both went out to buy the Art of Noise’s relick of Peter Gunn, plus the time when he came into my bedroom while I was playing “This Nations Saving Grace” by The Fall and had a great chat about how cool all the twangy guitars were.

The riddim is reminiscent of Shaggy’s “Oh Carolina” and it’s all top party stuff – Bugs Bunny samples, lyrics about girls and the rest. But just towards then end, Mr Sylva throws the following into the mix:

“Charlie says: ‘I love that goody goody’
Charlie says: ‘It really makes me [something I can’t remember!]'”

In obvious reference to the 93 hit by The Prodigy. That freaked me right out when I first heard it, because I assumed it was a JA release, which would mean ‘the massive’ getting into pop-hardcore down Kingston way. Which perhaps they did anyway, but Signet are actually based in New York. Interesting nonetheless.

In fact, seeing The Prodigy at Brixton Academy in the early to mid 90s was my first real exposure to drum ‘n’ bass iirc. I think they had Grooverider DJ-ing as support, and there was much confusion and sitting down from most of the audience, with a few loners half-stepping gleefully to the breaks. I got really into it but the rest of the crew I was with really hated the experience. Just as I was standing up to make a dramatic break with the past and to launch myself publically into a new era of junglism, the Rider came off and the Prodge came on. Isn’t that always the way?

This in turn reminds me of another anecdote, ripped straight from the Rough Guide to Reggae (an essential purchase which is about to come out in a new edition). Fashion were one of the dancehall reggae labels to embrace early jungle big time (indeed, they had previously been the home of people like General Levy and released his seminal “Heat”).

Alongside that, they also released “Jungle Bungle” by Starkey Banton in which he dismisses it all as:

“One bag a noise and a whole heap a sample
That’s something my earholes can’t handle”

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  1. matt b ( http://www.wretchedmatt.blogspot.com )
    fashion banged out a number of ragga jungle comps and a tenor saw / genaral levy split lp too- generally simplistic (even for 94), but good fun
    2004/06/24 @ 01:00 pm

    fashion also worked with suburban bass and co made the gun talk album by marvelous cain
    greensleeves did a load of jungle 12″s as well – really good they are .
    2004/06/24 @ 03:36 pm

    name ( / )
    of course, tenor saw had nothing to do w/ jungle fashion, but tenor fly did (later to be heard gracing some of congo natty’s jump up classics) .
    2004/06/25 @ 09:35 am

    yeah – he did some stuff with the ragga twins as well – there’s actually an internet biog for him somewhere which implies he is the same person as Demon Rocker. Pah! At uncarved we LAUGH at your pathetic false leads!
    2004/06/29 @ 10:56 am

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