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conscious sounds!

It’s common, traditional, fashionable and pretty easy to slag off UK dub. But it has to be said that amongst the indentikit productions there are some tunes that leap out, that Do Goddamn The Job Right. The thing that frustrates me is that there’s actually loads of those tunes, but I never get to hear about them because of the shite coverge of homegrown stuff in this country (Reggae News excepted!)

I previously bigged up Conscious Sounds’ 10″ with Kenny Knots in my sleng teng piece. Their latest is yet another fantastic release – Dougie Wardrop has excelled himself with a tearing riddim and the Love Grocer are well up to their usual high standard of live horn input.

This is the shit, 2004 style, and people in years to come will be moaning about how tunes aren’t any good as they used to be and namechecking this as something to aspire to. They’ll be missing what’s under their noses. Again.