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  1. Dan
    Now that Mike points it out, Dani Is a bit of an eejit.
    2004/08/21 @ 01:33 pm

    I think, was it Bathory? Someone showed me a pic of them hanging around in a forest, topless, in unbelievably tight leather kex and waving swords around. And looking seriously unscary. Actually it was one of the most unpleasant things I’ve ever seen.

    On a vaguely related theme, I once had a 7″ by a supposed ‘punk’ band from Czechoslovakia (it was heavy metal, despite the anarcho slogans all over the black and white fold-out, shiny tissue paper-like sleeve). I only played it twice, but I’ll never forget the lyrics to the A-side song, “Stage dive to Hell” ; “I broke my fucking, fucking neck / I broken all my bones / When I dive, dive to Hell / To the metal clones”. Crazy, man, crazy.
    2004/08/23 @ 03:44 pm

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