Presenting: Dubversion’s Blogger Psychogeography

It’s the cursor shit that really fucks me off, those crosshair ones. And people who have managed to code a trail of pink stars or fluffy bunnies following your cursor around the screen.

Boredom writ large, across the world – where the world is really america, europe, japan and australia.

“I have an interesting webpage have a look at it. You can even download the Windows Electronic Help File that I wrote on Paint Shop Pro 7. There are links to other interesting and funny sites to.”

Boredom and pain.

Pain pain pain – people who’ve found out the father of their baby is married to someone else, people who have a degenerative disease, people who maybe SHOULD find out the real meaning of pain because they just fucking whine all the time.


sOmeoNe wHo LoVeZz mE fOr mE.. ”

Boredom, pain, and christianity. Bible study blogs, blogs from soldiers praying they won’t get blown to bits in Iraq, guilty blogs…

“Was I somehow less of a Christian for becoming a lawyer rather than a pastor?”

Well it depends what sort of lawyer, yes? And what sort of pastor? Pro-bono vs paedo…

God has been great to me the past few days. Woah… Praise the Lord! It’s really like, the sacrifice of praise really works… God really treasures it! Hmm I’ll go into full detail tomorrow to do a praise report on my week! Haha.. but anyway I’ve to put a less “Christian-Christian” kind of posts now and then if not all my non Christian friends won’t read my blog le!

And some people are alright – the single mum who posts lots of self-deprecating stuff with pictures of her and her daughter in photobooths, with the occasional bile-filled post on her ex… people who are wise beyond their years:

Lately all my teachers have seemed really uptight, and I have decided it is because the end of the world is near, they just don’t want to announce it due to fear of mass panic and hystaria. Yeah, I’m talkin ’bout you Mr. Hodges, I see right through your vile plan. 2 days, then I’m 16. Some car company sent me a car air freshner, saying now that I can get my liscense I’m entitled to an air freshner. Thanks random car company, you made my day, and I’m sure you’re air freshner will save me one day when my car flies off a cliff into a volcano.

And then back to someone who thinks it’s cute to do a pretend blog written by their baby.