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  1. Simon Morris
    Goes quite nicely with the great sticker I saw the other day – ‘NICK GRIFFIN’ (& picture of him) – ‘POSH TORY TWAT’.
    2004/12/01 @ 09:12 pm

    John Eden
    yeah, I think that might be one of the new class war ones, along with “CAMRA – the campaign for real anarchism” :-). I’m guessing the graff was written where an NF sticker used to be, but they don’t stay up for long these days so I don’t know!
    2004/12/01 @ 10:07 pm

    martin ( / )
    Someone in Luton once sprayed “NF – WE’RE BACK” in Bury Park, didn’t take much cunning to add ‘WARDS’ to the end
    2004/12/02 @ 09:53 am

    i spotted 1 a while back, with some spotty viz type cartoons, slogan:

    2004/12/02 @ 10:28 am

    John Eden
    That’s pretty classic!

    There was also the time in the mid 80s when the NF’s Joe Pearce was sent down under the Race Relations Act for producing the youth paper “Bulldog”.

    A few bits of graffitti went up saying “Free Joe Pearce”, to which right-minded people added “with every pack of Nazis”.
    2004/12/02 @ 10:36 am

    martin ( / )
    Whatever happened to him? Is he still a nazi? Did he have some sort of spiritual rebirth and end up spending 2 years in Goa? Did he get his paws on any of the money Stevo withheld from Coil? Did Mossad agents sabotage his pushbike in an attempt to stop him revealing details of the worldwide Zionist conspiracy? I need to know these things.
    2004/12/02 @ 11:26 am

    John Eden
    Oh yeah – was he the one who was Stevo’s brother? I’d completely forgotten about that one!
    2004/12/02 @ 11:59 am

    martin ( / )
    Yes – I’m not 100% certain that the two cretins shared a bunkbed at their parents’ house during their late teens, but imagine the rows – “Soft Cell are gay. You’re a disgrace to Aryan stock”, “Oh fuck off you Hitler-worshipping freak. And stop whacking off, it smells like an oyster farm in here”, “Then go on the top bunk you fat poof, it’s not my fault you’re afraid of heights” etc etc

    But then this is fascism, and we shouldn’t make light of it
    2004/12/02 @ 12:13 pm

    John Eden
    LOL – there is definitely something in the Marc Almond auto-biog about Stevo bringing various acts from the Some Bizzare roster home for Sunday lunch to wind him up!

    Seems like he’s converted to catholicism and now lives in the US:

    (not that this means he’s completely left it all behind, there’s that weird current within fascism which is also catholic called the Third Position, isn’t there? They are all mad keen on GK Chesterton and all that iirc).
    2004/12/02 @ 12:24 pm

    martin ( / )
    One of his publications on that link is called “Finding Frodo’s Faith”. Jesus, quite literally, wept.
    2004/12/02 @ 01:19 pm

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