my alarming discovery of the day

Avid readers of my comments boxes will note my eternal blagging of CDs off people is beginning to bear fruit.

Greg has sorted me out with an excellent compilation of “meditative” tunes. Some excellent tracks including some great female vocal cuts (Lovejoys, Real Eyes meets Sister Gloria) more trad stuff (Stranger Cole, Viceroys, Maytals) and some huge electronic biz from Teledubgnosis.

Perfect listening on my walk through The City of London towards Liverpool Street on the way home last night. But just as I was getting off my train, nearly home, I was stunned to hear some very peculiar opening beats ‘n’ rumbling.

And then it struck me: The 1st few bars of “Time” by Paul St. Hilaire (the artist formerly known as Tikiman) sounds uncannily similar to (my memory of) the 1st few bars of “Rock DJ” by Robbie Williams.

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  1. Greg ( / )
    comment — Glad you liked it John– is that Rhthm and Sound track really sampled by Robbie williams? Extraordinary ! By the way, I stashed some “extra tracks” on the cd, which didn’t fit with the rest of the tracks, but I couldn’t resist it ! One of them is a Skip Mcdonald fave, the other is a Duke Reid /Coxsonne favourite, which used to get played pre reggae days by both sound systems in the fifties so I hear…check the lyrics ! Pure anti capitalist/scepticism, even misanthropic perhaps..!…”The Monkey Speaks his Mind”…the other track has a kind of Gnostic non dualistic insight I can’t resist…” God in the middle of the ocean, God in Heaven, God way down in Hell..God dont never change….”

    How about the Teledub-GNOSIS ? I love it…

    Enjoy it.

    2005/01/11 @ 10:57 pm

    yeah it’s a great CD 🙂 but no, not a direct sample – more a “soundslike”.
    2005/01/12 @ 02:17 pm

    anyone here connected with the apostles from the 80’s, fanning, martin?
    2005/01/14 @ 09:34 pm

    John Eden
    Not really but I’ve met them and had quite a bit of contact with Andy over the years. He’s now in a band called UNIT. Mail c/o BM Indefinite, London WC1N 3XX, England, UK. Weirdly enough there should be a post on the Apostles here shortly…
    2005/01/15 @ 12:23 pm

    Greg ( / )
    comment — I wasn’t into the anarcho punk thing at all, ( PIL was my last stop for punk music ) though did briefly find myself playing in a jamming type situation wiv some of ’em from that scene in 83/84… lots of my mates around Stamford Hill/Stokey were…Anyone remember who the Liberator DJ’s were back in 1980 onwards? This link however, is quite perceptive imho.
    2005/01/15 @ 04:03 pm

    John Eden
    that link is taken off, I typed it up myself! 🙂
    2005/01/15 @ 07:14 pm

    Greg ( / )
    comment — good one john — i liked the way the guy expressed himself and imho his perceptive, not bitter cynicism.
    2005/01/15 @ 07:52 pm

    Greg ( / )
    comment — PS John, did you know Chris and the others from Hagar etc, who went on to become Liberator sound? They all squatted down Stamford Hill way.
    2005/01/15 @ 08:03 pm

    John Eden
    Greg – this was all before my time really – I only made it to London in 1988…

    for some articles I found interesting…
    2005/01/15 @ 08:20 pm

    Greg ( / )
    comment — John, I need to contact you off this weblog. Please check your email.I need your advice.

    Thanks a lot.

    2005/01/15 @ 11:26 pm

    chris was also in the dreadful We Are Going To Eat You – like a cross between Fuzzbox and The Shop Assistants. only much more horrible than that 🙂
    2005/01/18 @ 01:13 pm

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