steppin’ outta babylon

Most mornings I walk past this window display, which is the crowning glory of a pipe and smoking shop. It’s weird on several levels – the main one being that the shop is located in The City of London. In fact it’s just across the street from the Bank of England and stock exchange.

It’s also part of my continuing fascination with the commercial use of rasta imagery (see also the post on Dior’s rasta handbags). I mean, clearly it’s in the window because this adds interest or sales on some level, yeah? And the market for the shop is obviously people who work in the city, who are not known for their devotion to Haile Selassie or indeed black liberation.

It’s certainly a step on from Che t-shirts, but of course everything “radical” can and will be sold back to us, so no surprises there.

Everyone is, as the man says, riding the rasta bandwagon…