uncarved salutes Pete Murdertone!

Alright, Pete has been putting great stuff in the comments boxes for ages and even sent me a great CD of stuff a while back. And I still haven’t bigged him up properly on here! Time to make amends…

First up, a great interview with Russ D of The Disciples. Nice and in depth about his musical progression from the early days onwards – some interesting stuff for fans and people who make music alike, I would say.

Secondly you absolutely have to check Pete’s Murder Tone Productions, which are available for streaming or download on the versionist site. This tune features the vocals of none other than Mikey Murka, ex of Unity Sound and featured on the Honest Jon’s “Watch How the People Dancing” compilation.

Coming up, part two of the Russ D interview and no doubt more tunes.

One to watch, you heard it here… belatedly!