1. geez, i had no idea that was you, John…read it about three weeks ago…lurvly

    can u believe i missed these folks the first time around…weird, considering those were the days when i was first becoming a serious music fanatic/geek…i was seriously into TackHead, too…never heard of this lot, though, until i read about em on K-Punk…better late than never, i guess…mustve had my head shoved up the arse of a Jesus and Mary Chain record at the time to have missed out back in the day 🙂

  2. I dunno, the On-U sound pantheon was pretty enormous back then, so easy to miss out on stuff… good to catch up later!

  3. a spent force, Mark Stewart, surely?

    the last decent thing he did was in 87

    that new track thats linked via the tackhead site is a self-parody almost


  4. Well he’s only really done one proper LP since 87, and I liked some of the tracks on the a lot (Dream Kitchen, for example). I was underwhelmed by the recent new track on the on-u sampler, but the collaborations with Kevin Martin should be great, I reckon. Plus I have no doubt he’ll continue to be amazing live…

  5. he’s a bloody legend innit. you know he’s playing SE1 club with AFX and whitehouse right? heading down?

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