Twilight Circus 2



”Foundation style… Foundation rockers…”

Brother Culture first came to my attention on 2002’s excellent Mungo’s Hi Fi meets Brother Culture LP on Dubhead – tunes like “Ing” and “Jah Comes to I” are absolute gems – UK (Scottish!) classics in the making…

Ryan Moore of Twilight Circus saw Brother Culture chatting on Mannaseh’s sound and then recorded him in Brixton. Side 1 of this EP is a dense percussive affair with Culture chanting up righteously. The sound is seriously atmospheric, bringing to mind early African Head Charge releases – that dread filmic claustrophobia permeates the room… dub and acapella versions add to the feeling.

The Disciples give the vibe a nice tune up on Side 2. A touch of classic soundsystem, with sirens and echo aplenty, and even a bit of melodica. We are spoilt rotten with two cavernous dubs which hark back to Russ’ electronic steppers heyday in the mid 90s. Proper techno skank and no mistaking! Whilst The Disciples aren’t content to merely regurgitate their past (moving onto more orthodox reggae productions, as stated in this interview) they can certainly still pull a hardcore stomper out of the bag if asked nicely.

Once again Twilight Circus and M Records come up with the goods where so many have failed. This EP is perhaps less immediate than the Mannaseh/Blood & Fire one reviewed below, but repeated hearings show it to be just as crucial.