Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner…

Caption: Your ironic t-shirt is out of fashion as of 8:50am this morning.

What a completely fucked up day.

Everybody panicing, but trying to hide it. Everybody staring into space, contacting loved ones, surfing for more information, and then remembering to pretend to work.

Everybody, but everybody, walking:

I walked all the way home from Waterloo to Stamford Hill and it was knackering. But it did remind me why I love it here. I walked along the river, I walked through the City, I walked up Brick Lane, I walked through Hackney.

People, everywhere, looking perhaps a bit dazed, but getting on with it nonetheless. Still processing it all, still very much alive.

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  1. yeah i’m with you on that, a terrible day but people bearing up and carrying on with things as best they can. i was more shaken by the experience once i’d actually managed to get home from london, just sitting at home pretending everything was normal seemed to jar with the memories of hearing people screaming, sirens going off everywhere, knowing there were people dying here and now.

    ultimately london has weathered many attacks. the city is bigger and more permanent than all of this. i thought it was particularly poignant seeing the old man attending his world war II veteran meeting despite the chaos going on. he said “well, we’ve been through this before and it didn’t beat us then”

    the terrorists will claim that this is payback for iraq and afganistan but how is more senseless murder going to somehow equalise the deaths in iraq? this brings home how self-perpetuating violence is. we should not get sucked into this retaliatiory vortex because this is where it leads.

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