Sick & Twisted, 12th August 2005

I’d been banging on to everyone about how great LFO Demon’s “Rave for Communism” single is for ages and ages so I was well chuffed to see that he was on the bill at Sick and Twisted. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the night in providing a regular well-organised platform for this sort of music in a friendly environment (i.e. not some ket and mugging-fuelled terrordrome on an industrial estate).

LFO Demon, live at Sick & Twisted

Laptop sets, eh? Fortunately this one was really good because:

a) I was a bit stunned that the guy who made all this great music and knocked up some great texts like Battyboys are alright – the homophobia FAQ was so… young.

b) The music was absolutely tearing and made the crowd (and the performer) get seriously animated. Bonkers high speed ragga mash up business. This bloke knows what he is doing and you should all go and check out his new online mix. Oh and his MIA remix, heh heh.

Alex B and DJ Brokenyolk

c) I managed to get completely distracted, spending far too much time talking to Alex B and DJ Brokenyolk (above), a motley collection of regulars (hello!) and Martin.

My usual self-control was in short supply. Me and Martin ended up nattering on the stairs and eventually got chucked out by the bouncer who was hugely nice and understanding and all that about our drunken remonstrations to stay in the way of the fire exit talking bollocks. And so the night ended – battered, downstairs, drinking lager with ice cubes floating in it.


  1. Understanding? Nice? The sod said I looked drunk. Ashamed to say I spent last Friday in the Intrepid Fox in Soho drinking Magners – and again, I had floating icecubes in it. But ‘Maydayverbot’ by LFO Demon is class

  2. Well I was munted so fair play if you were just doing an impression…

    Is The Fox rawk or goth these days? I daren’t look, frankly.

  3. I’ll be honest, we just go to look at chicks with tattoos, the music all sounds the same to me – WOOARR, YOU HATE ME, DUNUH DUNUHH DUNNNN…. There was an old guy in there wearing all black with silver pointed shoes, who ordered his bitter in a goblet (really).

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