RIDDIM MAGAZINE – jetzt auf englisch

Germany and France have been spoilt rotten for decent reggae mags for years, and we’ve had to put up with the odd half column in dance mags or Steve Barker’s one page in The Wire every month.

No longer!


The first english language issue of Riddim is just out and is £3.50 with a great cover CD. Nice writing, nice photos, nice layout and all reggae/dancehall/ting. 100 full colour pages with articles on Burro Banton, Jah Cure, Augustus Pablo, Don Corleon, I-Wayne, reggaeton, etc with some nice reviews also.

Should be in discerning newsagents and apparently you can buy it in Borders. Online ordering from issue 2, which will be out in November, if it gets the support it deserves.

They just need to get Dave Stelfox, Penny Reel, Wayne&Wax and Greg Whitfield on board now and we’ll be sorted!


  1. i’ve seen it all over, i’m impressed with the distribution they’ve managed. some of the writing is a bit.. i dunno.. gauche, or something, but it’s still a very good thing

  2. I’d like to read one of the translated articles by german reggae-cerberus Ulli Gueldner (i guess in this issue it’s the one about Burro), his german style definitely is, uhm, something else, although very knowledgeable.

  3. Rob – I think VP are distributing it in the USA, dunno about Canada but they seem to have their act together. I need to stick your link back in my sidebar, don’t I? 🙂

    d/version – Having read some more of it, I know what you mean (hence the need for my suggested writers!) but it’s just amazing having that volume of information out there for people to read, and at least they all seem to know what they are talking about which is more than can be said of most people reviewing Sean Paul and Damian Marley records in the UK at the moment!

    Bass – the Burro interview is really good – an excellent biography and some nice human touches.

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