Squids In



Respect all comments box cru [1], [2], especially those who know the difference between “giant” and “colossal” and have realised that models are models of something. And hello to everyone who linked here and/or spread the squid-horror-virus by downloading or linking to the image.

It’s fair to say that Squid Mania has swept the world in the last few weeks, so here are some links for y’all:

Kid Shirt blog now upgraded to New! Improved! Squid Shirt with added sub-aquatic mania.

Check this awesome flyer for Komische by Jim.

Also the obligatory (and essential) comments from Martin and The X.

Plus some up to the minute news on the Giant Squid (NB, this is not the same as the colossal squid, oh sceptics!) and its hugely violent sex life.

Watch the seas, people…