1. Yo there grievous ones, I come to you in pieces which are easily reassembled in order to say “hi” and suchlike. It has been a long time, and until Tenniel spoke to me in terms of rump-shakin’ downloads I had no idea that either of you were to be caught in the act of putting mixes together.

    I haven’t sampled your delightfuls as yet, as historical perspectives would seem to suggest that I’ll need to light up my pipe, put on my swanktastic headphones and press the required buttons in order to bathe aurally in whatever it is you’ve deemed fit to blend and fold for our delectation. I cannot be doing this just at the minute, as I’m busy doing that, but I shall endeavour to pleasure myself at your expense sometime over the wekend and I shall of course report back on the rump-o-meter with a mark out of 10 for both effort and attainment.

    I hope all is well in your respective worlds? I am currently living on the Isle Of Dogs, with two dogs and a woman of the opposite sex, and life is reasonably brilliant for the most part. I released my debut Cd ‘Freudian Slippers’ earlier this year, and although I am not storming the charts I’m getting good feedback and I’ve even had a track played on web-radio! Fame and fortune do not seem to be heading in my general direction, but hey, I’m enjoying myself and I’m creating with the aid of ye olde Logic 7, so some Temple threads are still pulsing, albeit in ways which are not aligned to any specific belief system… which is, of course, a belief system in itself!

    I know not who you still see from the early 90s, but if you run into James, Michael or Danny please pass on my regards.

    Big Love

    Ray x

  2. Hello Jon,

    I’ve been listening to the ‘lyric maker’ mix and it’s top-notch stuff! Some of the tracks are a ‘lil modern for my own tastes, but the vibe throughout is excellent and it moves from A-Z without faffing or meandering, which is no easy thing to pull off over 80 minutes as I know from experience.

    Do you actually Dj at parties/clubs with this kind of stuff? I reckon it’d go down really well, especially if you put on nights in a venue that lent itself to the notion of dancing on the one hand, or socialising in general on the other to a really cool soundtrack…

    I’ll download some of the other mixes this week, and I know there are a couple of guys on the Clays Lane Co-Op who’ll really appreciate what you’re doing, so I’ll pass on your blog address to them as well.

    Out Of Here


  3. The 80s are a little modern for you, Ray? :p

    Glad you like it though. I don’t play out that much – maybe a couple of times a year. I think you found it was quite a competitive business and I can’t really be arsed with all that stuff, so I wait until people ask me rather than put myself about…

    Hope you enjoy the rest of it anyway!

  4. Yo John….

    When it comes to Reggae, the 80s are indeed ‘too modern’ for my liking. I am much more at home with the period ’68-’77 for the most part, and it’s not so much a matter of the songs being better Etc. it’s just that the productions tend to suffer, especially with syn-drums, which still manage to send a shudder down my spine to this day… and not of the pleasant variety!

    Djaying can indeed be cut-throat, and I tend to leave the jiggery-pokery of jostling for slots to those with enough ego and chutzpah to be bothered these daze. If I had any great affinity for one particular style of music I think it’d be easier to get gigs, but I’m still picking stuff up Magpie fashion and it’s a method that works well for me… the pay and conditions are pantaloons mind you!

    I’ve revisited your ‘lyrical mix’ since I wrote last, and it works really well as ‘in-car’ entertainment. Just enough movement for commuting in the City, with the promise of panoramic panasonics as one hits the mighty M25!

    Laters and suchlike


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