Not Enough Ism and Schism

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Christian group may seek ban on Qur’an

Much as I hate the proposed “incitement to religous hatred” law, if it’s going to result in more of this sort of thing then perhaps it should not only be supported, but made even more draconian.

That way all the religions can cancel each other out. Sorted.


  1. Arms = hep A & typhoid injections this morning.

    Which, I should add, were not done because of exposure to your good self.

    Yeah I’m going to need to read Martin’s post through a few times to figure out where he’s coming from, I think.

  2. oh yeah, forgot about yr shots…martin did a much better me than I did him, sadly, tho I did get to resurrect his piece about Sylvanian Families….

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