Great series of autobiographical posts over at crumbling loaf/fiasco/whatever.

He may have deleted them by the time you read this, though. It’s the ultimate ephermeral blog, is _ (as it’s currently titled).

The lack of permanence is kind of compelling. It’s also really hermetic – I can’t remember him ever linking to any other site.

Nice one anyway, whoever you are.


Gutterbreakz on a nice “real history of clubbing” tip.

Woebot is back (you heard it here last).

Paul has a new look.

Beyond The Implode RIP has been blog-jacked.

Stelfox and Dan Molex continue to slumber. Hello?

And we bid farewell to Silverdollarcircle and Bassnation.

Lots more, Kid Shirt single-handedly kick starting some kind of Nu Beat revival. Greengalloway on nukes and scroll back for more on anarchopunk & chaos magick.


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