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Burning Spear has a blog!

Stefan just dropped by with some comments on the old London Acid City post about reggae and acid house. He also seems to be part of, which is an impressive domain, no? Nice selection of links over there too.

Andy at Roots and Wires blog also got in touch. They are more on a “theology of bass” tip than me, but some interesting stuff to read over there nonetheless.

And the Anchormix crew got mixes like rain including some nice reggae, and are currently running a DIY dub competition thing where you can judge the best of 3 tracks that producers have sent them.

In other news it looks like the mellowness of “one drop” is being dialetically counteracted by some huge pounding TUNES. Dave Kelly’s 85 riddim is all retro nasty digital and Massive B has some great rapid fire tunes from the likes of King Kong (re-doing “Trouble Again”!) and Burro Banton on the aptly named Bang Bang riddim.

So… I was thinking of forgoing the usual “best of 2005” lists in favour of banging together a little mix. Is that something people would be interested in? 😉


  1. Okay, so let’s see if I’ve got this right: “Burning Spear’s got a blog…”

    Huh? Burning Spear’s got a blog…

    What tha…?

    Nope. Must be in shock or summat. Still not getting it….

    Run that one past me again.

  2. Ah well, alright then. 🙂 it will be towards the end of the month tho I reckon so hold tight Nick and festive greetings to the rest of you…

  3. >>Okay, so let’s see if I’ve got this right: “Burning Spear’s got a blog…”
    >>Huh? Burning Spear’s got a blog…

    Welcome to Blog..rock?

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