reggae roundup

Some nice things happening in my absence.

Firstly, 4 mixes which need your attention:

Droid inna Dancehall vol 2: Alternate Roots

Droid’s mix 0f 90s bashment was a big hit round these parts and I’ve been loving his 90s JA roots mix just as much – an absolutely essential listen if you are into classic Xterminator tunes, or if you are seeking a nice introduction. Includes some alternate takes of the “China Town” riddim me and Paul used in our On The Wire mix. Great sleevenotes as well. (Oh and a new jungle mix for download by his partner in crime Naptha too!)

Matt B – Life’s Road mix

Matt B over at Idle Thoughts doesn’t blog that often but he’s always well worth checking. This is a superb eclectic reggae selection, covering everything from 70s roots to 80s digital ragga to UK/Dutch/JA steppers. Great riddim mix on “Rumours” too. Includes “The Morwels & Prince Jammy- ‘Jammin for Survival’, which Paul de-mixed to buggery on the On The Wire Mix. Swingin’!

Wayne & Wax – Dubble Dub mix

However, Paul’s messing with Jammy is small fry compared to the wholesale fuckery which is going on over at Wayne & Wax. His Dubble Dub is a fanatastic example of where mixology is going – a wicked selection of dub new and old, looped and crafted together for your listening pleasure. Nice!

There were a few copies of this promo mix CD by DJL floating about free of charge for the Blood & Fire board massif. Chuffin’ excellent it is too. I dunno how easy it is for other people to get hold of but you could try emailing johncfrec at yahoo dot com.

It’s a tearing selection of digital dancehall business, mainly focussing on New York but also including some Jah Tubbys cuts like Peter Bouncer’s “Rough Neck Sound” and Errol Bellot’s “Sound Inna Fury”. It’s a “proper” street mix CD with some great exclusive intros by NY stalwart Scion Success, even including some purpose built cuts on riddims like Drop Leaf to cool down the pressure at the end.

In addition to making me brock out around the flat, this CD has had the desired effect of making me want to by the 5 Borough Fire: Philip Smart Productions From The New York Dancehall (Street Platinum and Gold) which it is promoting, so more news on that in due course!

So it looks like the pilot issue of the english-language Riddim Magazine sold enough copies to warrant a second. Some people were a bit critical of the quality of writing, but I think the main thing is ensuring the continuation of any kind of specialist reggae print media. The writing is fine for now and will get better. This time around we get some good pieces on the 3 big names – Sean Paul, Shaggy and Damien Marley. Good to see them being interviewed by someone who knows what they are talking about. For the more hardcore there are interviews with Warrior King, Niney and Bobby Digital which are well worth checking. Plus lots more, reviews, photos, etc. The CD includes some big tunes and excerpts from a soundclash, as well as a pretty good comedy skit from Twin of Twins, who seem worth investigating further.

Distribution seems to have improved a notch also – you can get it from Dub Vendor mail order as well as bigger newsagents.

Finally, please see Dancecrasher for a great source of reggae news, nights out in London and some very stylish t-shirts.


  1. the twin of twins r the hottest thing in Jamaica. they r runnin the place if u can get a copy of their cd.
    one love

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