1. Thanks for the tip.

    I’m aware Martin isn’t particularly technically minded, but if you could have a diplomatic word with him about fixing his Atom feed (not updated since the Cinestatic debacle) it would be much appreciated, as otherwise we will miss out on too many of his new postings.


    ps. Any story behind the picture ? Why is the heart decorated with a capital ‘A’ ?

  2. You’ve got about as much chance of Martin sorting out his xml feed as Nick Griffin appearing as a guest MC on Stone Love. So I’m afraid you’ll have to do what the rest of us do, i.e. just check it 3 times a day to see what he is up to.

    The picture, errrrrrrr, yeah, it’s symbolic of, errrrrrr, the commodification and anthropomorphisation of love. The A stands for “alienation”, the opposite dialectic to love, which is resolved under the social relations which capitalism produces. Romantic love becomes alienating to those not in relationships because they feel excluded and for those within relationships when they inevitably don’t live up to the lofty ideals set down in fairy stories.

    It is NOT, as has been suggested, just one of the images you get when you stick “kittens heart” into google.

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