1. thats nothin, there was a great white shark round here recently that was the size of a big car, I reckon it would beat up the load of em

  2. If only, Myka. Perhaps the people of London would divine some semblance of manners at rush hour if they could all travel to work ensconced snugly in the salty tentacles of a giant squid.

    Bit disappointed with these so-called ‘scientists’ – first of all they fail to identify the squid’s gender, and give it the flippant name ‘Archie’. If an infertile couple was to take in an abandoned orphan girl with cherubism, would they moniker her ‘Angel’? Secondly, we find these ‘experts’ appealing to Damien Hirst’s art team for some sort of advice on how to store their find. It’s a sad day when the scientific community has to appeal to the modern art world for answers. Therefore, I sadly expect to unearth more clangers when I make a trip to the NHM to inspect this exhibit.

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