Old Skool Dark Ambient Mix

“Every man does his thing a little way different”
Errol Dunkley

“Donโ€™t get downhearted because of the dementors out there, just slip them the odd nasty Debbie Gibson / Jive Bunny megamix or some Merzbow teeth-pulls every now and then to keep em on their toesโ€ฆ”

This mix is the first one I ever recorded, back in 1998. I’d got a new job a few years previously and used the extra cash, month by month, to gradually sort myself out with a decent hi-fi and then eventually saved up to buy one deck, a mixer, and then another deck.

The mix was originally conceived when I had one deck, a mixer and an ordinary domestic CD player. So, no beatmixing but some nice looooooong ambient pieces. It was eventually reworked with two records and a CD playing at the same time when I had amassed all the kit. I didn’t really do very much with at the time, partly because I had no way of copying tapes and partly because I was still labouring under the illusion that I’d become some kind of shit hot drum and bass DJ. Quite clearly that was never going to happen, but it was great fun mucking about with records. And still is.

A lot of these tunes represent the last gasp of my serious interest in industrial culture before plunging into dub in a big way. With the exception of one track, it still sounds fantastic to these ears.

In many ways it is a sister mix to Paul Meme’s classic Ambient Industrial selection

Another live mix. 48 minutes long because it was designed to fit on one side of a C90 (remember them?).

Download a zipped archive including the mp3 file, cover art and details of how to get a 4 page pdf of sleevenotes from here. (65megs).


1) If I see people linking directly to the file, I will take it down. (Link instead to http://uncarved.org/blog/?p=790)
2) If my bandwidth goes ballistic, I will take the file down.
3) A very limited number of CDs are available for dial-up people who have already been in touch with me (or who I know from internet forums, etc) – email me or leave a comment.

The mix will be up for about a week, all being well.


  1. Lookin very nice indeed. On the DL…

    “details of how to get a 4 page pdf of sleevenotes”

    Are these going to involve Ley lines, cryptic clues, ancient castles and lots of digging?

  2. re: drum and bass dj-ing – nobody told me, but it all sounded like a brass band falling down the stairs ๐Ÿ™‚

    re: digging – possibly, but it may be closer than you think… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. loving this mix…thought i’d have a lot of the tracks but only have a few- and they sound very different in company… it’s an excellent reminder than industrial/dark ambient was originally a hive of NEW ideas and deforms rather than what it became: tired sludginess and my dad’s bigger than your dad noise bollocks… the sleeve notes are excellent too…

  4. I should get this , but couldn’t Dl it , ‘unknown header’ message came up at the end of DL.
    Can you please send me a CDR John ?

    We exchange for something else in near fewture !

    xxx address deleted by JE xxx

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